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Iridex Introduces New Research and Showcases Five Events at the AGS Meeting

Five Events at Booth #5

  1. Discover the latest surgical techniques and outcomes published by the International MicroPulse TLT Consensus Panel.
  2. Watch Dr. Syril Dorairaj’s e-poster on prospective MicroPulse TLT dosimetry research outcomes.
  3. Demo Sweep Management Software for MicroPulse TLT.
  4. Celebrate AGS Innovator Award recipient Douglas Gaasterland, MD.
  5. Learn about our Advanced Surgeon Forum on MicroPulse TLT.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Iridex Corporation (NASDAQ: IRIX), a provider of innovative ophthalmic laser-based medical products for the treatment of glaucoma and retinal diseases, today announced Part 2 of the evidence-based guidelines series for MicroPulse Transscleral Laser Therapy (TLT) has been published in Clinical Ophthalmology1 by the international consensus panel of ten glaucoma experts. The publication will be available at booth #5 at the 2023 meeting of the American Glaucoma Society (AGS), March 2 -5 in Austin, Texas.

More info on the consensus and Iridex at AGS:

Consensus Panel Recommendations
Part 2 recommendations address anesthesia, surgical technique, post-operative care, expected outcomes, settings adjustment, and enhancements and retreatments.2 Part 1 of the consensus recommendations, published in 2021, focused on patient dosimetry and patient selection.2 The recommendations, which are confirmed as 100% consensus among the experts, are the result of a complete analysis of MicroPulse TLT clinical, technical, and practical experience to date.

“As physicians gathered further experience and conducted additional research on MicroPulse TLT, a better understanding of all aspects of the treatment helped improve the procedure and optimize outcomes,” said Tomas Grippo, MD, co-chair of the International MicroPulse TLT Consensus Panel. “We are pleased to provide additional guidelines for a treatment we have found to be safe and effective for many types and severities of glaucoma.”

The recommendations provide a valuable foundation for learning how to maximize the safety and effectiveness of this non-incisional procedure performed with the Cyclo G6® Laser and revised MicroPulse P3® Delivery Device. The revised device has improved ergonomics that support more stable positioning during treatment and facilitates a more posterior application of laser energy, keeping it farther from anterior segment structures.2,3

Copies of the paper will be distributed free at the Iridex booth. To watch the expert panel discuss its findings, visit to view Part 1 and Part 2 of the consensus webinar series, or download the white paper here.

Hear Dr. Syril Dorairaj’s e-poster on prospective MicroPulse TLT dosimetry research outcomes

Dr. Syril Dorairaj and colleagues present their e-poster, “Clinical Outcomes of MicroPulse Transscleral Laser Therapy: A Prospective Cohort Study.” Check the AGS program for more details.

Demo our Sweep Management Software for MicroPulse TLT
MicroPulse TLT is a versatile, non-incisional and repeatable procedure for the treatment of glaucoma performed with the Iridex Cyclo G6® Laser System and MicroPulse P3® Delivery Device. The Cyclo G6 now provides Sweep Management Software, which allows surgeons to tailor an optimized therapeutic dose for delivering MicroPulse TLT. Demos are available at the Iridex booth where physicians can learn how to improve their surgical technique and consistency in application.

Help us celebrate!
We invite AGS attendees to stop by the Iridex booth #5 to sign a super-sized card to congratulate Dr. Douglas Gaasterland, the AGS Innovator Award recipient, for his pioneering contributions to glaucoma and ophthalmology. We are honored to have collaborated with Dr. Gaasterland in his pioneering work on the advancement of transscleral cyclophotocoagulation and the development of the Iridex G-Probe®.

Join our next Iridex Academy webinar on MicroPulse TLT Register for our March Iridex Academy webinar at to join host Dr. Brian Francis for an advanced peer-to-peer surgeon forum on MicroPulse TLT.


  1. Grippo TM, et al. Evidence-based consensus guidelines series for micropulse transscleral laser therapy - surgical technique, post-operative care, expected outcomes and retreatment/enhancements. Clin Ophthalmol 2023;17:71-83.
  2. Grippo TM, et al. Evidence-based consensus guidelines series for micropulse transscleral laser therapy: Dosimetry and patient selection. Clin Ophthalmol 2022;16:1837-1846.
  3. Checo L, et al. Prospective comparison of different energy parameters of micropulse transscleral laser therapy. Presented at American Glaucoma Society Annual Meeting; 2022; Nashville, TN.

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